Police Officer Takes Down Shooter In Dramatic Footage

(RepublicanNews.org) – Dramatic body camera footage released by the Allen Police Department shows the moment a Texas police officer shot and killed a mass shooter at a mall on May 6th. The video’s release comes as a grand jury declined to indict the officer after finding his actions justified.

The footage begins as the officer finishes a conversation with a mother and her two young children in an outlet mall parking lot. As they walk away, rapid gunshots can be heard in the distance. The officer notifies dispatch and then reaches into his cruiser and quickly grabs an AR-15.

After chambering a round, the officer runs toward the gunfire without hesitation. As he runs, more shots continue to ring out. The officer continues to alert dispatch to his position as he makes his way around the exterior of the complex.

“I think we got a mass shooter. I got a mass shooter on foot,” the officer yells.

After about three minutes of forward movement and continuous distant gunfire, he finally sees the shooter and takes his first shots.

About one minute later, the officer announces to dispatch that he has neutralized the threat. As the suspect lies on the ground wounded, the officer orders him not to move, and the video ends.

The shooter died soon after that. Police identified him as Mauricio Garcia, 33. Garcia is accused of killing eight people and wounding another seven. Police said he had three weapons on his person and another five in his vehicle.

No motive has been announced, but legacy media is reporting that Garcia posted writings on social media that approved of Nazi ideology and that he “may have been driven by right-wing extremism.”

Garcia was let go from the U.S. Army due to a mental health concern before completing basic training about 15 years ago.

Texas authorities have confirmed that all of Garcia’s weapons were legally obtained.

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