Potential Mitt Romney Replacement Labeled a Liar by Fellow Lawmaker

Closeup view of liar businessman standing with crossed fingers behind his back

(RepublicanNews.org) – Former Utah House Speaker Brad Wilson, a Republican who is looking to replace Senator Mitt Romney after his retirement, has been accused of lying about endorsements he supposedly received from fellow Utah lawmakers.

When Wilson announced his candidacy in September for the Senate seat that has been held by Mitt Romney since 2019, his campaign shared a list of 60 lawmakers in Utah who had supposedly endorsed him. Later, Wilson’s campaign announced endorsements from at least 50 Utah mayors.

However, some of the lawmakers who were listed as endorsing Wilson have spoken to the media and said they never endorsed the former Utah House Speaker. According to the lawmakers, who spoke under anonymity for fear of retaliation, when he was still Utah’s Speaker of the House, Wilson called fellow lawmakers and asked for donations to his potential Senate campaign.

One anonymous lawmaker said it was inappropriate because of the power Wilson held over the House at the time, but that he felt pressured to give Wilson’s campaign. He ultimately agreed to donate, assuming that would be the “end of it.” However, when his name was included on a list of people who had endorsed Wilson, the lawmaker was shocked. The lawmaker spoke to colleagues who were also included on the list and said they expressed the same concerns: they felt pressured to donate to Wilson’s campaign but ultimately did not mean to endorse him.

Allegedly, some lawmakers who refused to donate to Wilson’s campaign lost committee assignments. The lawmaker said the misleading list of endorsements is indicative of how Wilson ran things as Utah House Speaker, suggesting that anyone who crossed him experienced some form of retaliation. The lawmaker further added that Wilson was “one hundred percent a liar.”

When asked about the allegations, the spokesperson for the Utah House, Alexa Musselman, said the allegation that anyone had been removed from a committee assignment after refusing to donate was unequivocally untrue.

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