Pres. Candidate Nikki Haley Wants Consensus on Abortion

( – While giving an anti-abortion speech in Arlington, Virginia, on April 25th, former UN ambassador and Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley said she wants to find a “consensus” on abortion if she is elected.

Haley described herself as unapologetically pro-life and said she and her husband had difficulties when trying to have their two children. She described abortion as a personal and sensitive topic, but one that she wanted to talk about openly, but without “judgment” or “hate.”

When the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade in 2022, Haley said, that allowed Americans to start trying to forge that consensus on the topic. Roe was a landmark 1973 decision from the Supreme Court that barred states from banning abortion in the first trimester. It also set up a schedule of trimesters that states were required to follow when restricting abortion.

Last year, the Supreme Court overruled that decision, arguing that it had been decided incorrectly using unsuitable standards. Despite claims that the 2022 decision took away women’s rights, the decision simply returned the right to regulate abortion back to the states, as it had been prior to 1973. 

Haley praised the states that enacted tougher restrictions on abortion, and criticized Democrat-led states that she said “doubled down on abortion.” Some states, such as Vermont, have no restrictions at all on abortion. In such states, a woman could terminate her pregnancy on the last day of the ninth month if she should so choose.

The consensus Haley says she wants will likely be hard to come by. Abortion is one of the most incendiary topics in America. Emotions run so high that people on either side of the issue are often misled by false statements of “fact” about their opponents’ position. 

“Reaching a consensus starts with humanizing, not demonizing,” Haley said. Trying to thread the political needle, the candidate claimed that she does not “judge” people who are “pro-choice,” just as she doesn’t want such people to judge her pro-life position. 

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