Presidential Press Conference Abruptly Ended – But Not By Biden

( – It stands to be seen if any mainstream reporter outside Fox’s Peter Doocy will be asking Karine Jean-Pierre about her sudden and abrupt interruption of the President during his September 10th exchange with reporters in Hanoi. The administration’s Press Secretary jumped in and forcefully ended a press conference right after the leader of the free world told attendees he was about to go to bed.

Following the President’s appearance at the G20 in New Delhi, he traveled to Vietnam for what the White House said was an attempt at assisting the nation and weaning them off dependence on Kremlin-based arms. President Biden was also scheduled to participate in a number of meetings aimed at bringing an American counterbalance to the influence of China in developing nations.

Biden’s final presser was full of long pauses, ramblings, stuttering, and what appeared to be staged questions. The President called on reporters from a pre-fashioned stack of note cards that he already had in hand. It is not known if the questions he would be asked were already written on the cards, but it is known by the President’s own words that the names of the reporters were pre-selected.

Even mainstream outlets are reporting on Biden’s “awkward” concluding press conference “moment.” Only seconds after announcing to the crowd that he was going to bed, CNN reports that KJP “abruptly” took a microphone and cut the President off while he was “still answering” media queries.

While Biden was in the middle of his final response, viewers of the incident could hear the voice of KJP notify the crowd that the event was over. The volume on her microphone was higher than that of the President.

Biden fielded only five questions from reporters and CNN further described one of his responses as a “lengthy” and “rambling explanation.” That same report said three-quarters of Americans are concerned about the President’s age.

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