Prince Andrew Starts Hiding Assets and Moving Them Amid Allegations

Prince Andrew Starts Hiding Assets and Moving Them Amid Allegations

( – It’s been a rough couple of years for Prince Andrew, the second son of Queen Elizabeth II. In the wake of accusations of sexual assault, the prince has essentially lost his way of life as his mother distances both herself and the royal family from him. A lawsuit against him continues to make headway despite his attempts to have it dismissed, prompting him to hide assets. The question is simple: Why?

Prince Andrew recently settled a debt and sold the Chalet Helora, a residence he owned in the Swiss ski resort Verbier. He sold the chalet for 18 million euros ($20.3 million). Speculation surrounded the deal, with some believing he decided to pay for legal fees associated with alleged sexual assault victim Virginia Giuffre’s lawsuit against him.

Spencer Kuvin, who represented Epstein’s victims, believes Andrew made a move to hide and protect his assets from Giuffre, who could potentially seize them.

Andrew’s repeated attempts to have the case dismissed have proven ineffective. If Giuffre wins a financial judgment, she would have the ability to execute on any of the Prince’s properties in countries that abide by US jurisdiction. Despite the Prince’s denial of Giuffre’s allegations, the Queen has further distanced herself from her son, stripping him of his official “His Royal Highness” title, his honorary military roles and royal patronages at the beginning of the year.

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