Pro Football Player to Challenge Ted Cruz

( – Outspoken Republican Senator Ted Cruz of Texas faces his first challenger in the contest over Cruz’s Senate seat in 2024.

Former professional football player Colin Allred, now a Democratic Rep. from Texas, has his eye on Cruz’s Senate seat. Allred launched his campaign with a broadside against Cruz, calling the Senator embarrassing, and telling voters, “We can get a new one.”

Allred used footage of the January 6th, 2021 unrest at the Capitol to launch his campaign. As Democrats often do, he seemed to imply that Trump supporters were trying to overthrow the country. Presumably, the hope is that this association tarnishes anyone running as a Republican. 

Allred narrated his experience in Washington that day in his video, attempting to hit emotionally powerful notes by claiming that he texted his wife to tell her, “Whatever happens, I love you.” He described hearing glass break and shouting. 

The candidate is a former linebacker for the NFL before working in former President Obama’s administration. Allred defeated Pete Sessions in 2018, taking over the Republican Rep.’s Congressional seat from Texas. He is the first challenger Cruz is facing as Cruz seeks his third term in the Senate. 

Allred took Cruz to task for voting not to certify the 2020 presidential election results. Allred also claimed that Cruz “cheered for the mob” and then hid in an office cabinet while protestors entered the Capitol. He suggested in colorful phrasing that Cruz was a coward.

As expected, the Cruz campaign had a brisk response. Campaign spokesman Nick Maddux released a statement that said Allred was another radical from the left in the running for the Senate. He said Allred voted “with Nancy Pelosi” on every issue, which showed Allred does not understand the average Texans he represents. 

The Cruz campaign also took aim at Allred’s support for males competing in women’s sports. 

So far, Allred has raised over $2 million for his Senate run. 

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