Progressives Invent New Term For Women’s Anatomy

( – In an effort to not offend transgender and non-binary men, leftists are saying female reproductive organs should now be referred to as “bonus holes.” Orwell famously predicted in 1984 that elites would eventually begin modifying the English language. The latest term from progressives appears to confirm they’re well on their way to doing so.

The charity that first used the term also suggested that “front hole” was an acceptable alternative descriptor. The U.K.-based organization at the helm of the controversy specializes in raising money and awareness specifically for victims of cervical cancer and the medical professionals treating them.

They say their choice of words are possible phrases caregivers may hear from patients. Those phrases are listed in a glossary on their website and were developed by experts within the LGBT community, according to a statement from the charity.

Carolyn Ffiske, the founder of Conservatives for Women, blasted the glossary and referred to it as “dehumanizing” and “misogynistic.” She said leftist gender groups are sowing confusion and encouraging “body disassociation” amongst young people. They are guilty of alienating the vulnerable from their own physical nature, she says.

Another campaigner for women’s rights referred to the glossary listings as “loathsome” and said that feminine language is being completely erased from Western culture. Standing for Women founder Kellie-Jay Keen said that any female offended by the use of proper anatomical terms needs “psychiatric help” rather than having the world bow to their endless “irrational demands.”

In their statement, the trust said they were not suggesting the new term be used by every woman. They said their original intent was to be sure that non-binary and trans men were included in their mission. While they say that women are their primary audience, they also believe that “some” trans men can have cervixes.

While it is fairly obvious that the average person feels no need to make up ridiculous new terminology for body parts, this loud minority on the left has made it their mission to foist this new verbiage onto the rest of us. One wise person commented, “But yeah, we gotta make sure we’re not offending ~1% of the population at the expense of ~50% of the population.”

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