Prominent Republican Stabbed in Knife Attack

Prominent Republican Stabbed in Knife Attack

( – It appears another so-called “peaceful” Black Lives Matter protest took a turn for the worst, resulting in the stabbing of three individuals in Washington, DC, a few blocks from the White House.

Pro-Trump activist Bevelyn Beatty and two Proud Boys members were stabbing victims after reportedly being ambushed by BLM activists on November 4. The group had been watching the presidential election returns at a local establishment and were on their way home at the time of the assault.

Beatty sustained a stab wound to the back, and Proud Boys chair and founder Enrique Tarrio received an injury to the stomach. A third, unnamed, Proud Boys member received a neck wound. All three were subsequently hospitalized.

Police Chief Peter Newsham told reporters information about the attack was “preliminary,” and his department had not yet identified the suspects or their affiliation.

Aside from this incident, Washington, DC, remained calm throughout election night. The District’s mayor is a Democrat, and the stabbings serve as a grim reminder of the fate of many other Democrat-led cities throughout the country.

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