Prosecutors Submit Massive Amounts of Evidence on Ghislaine Maxwell

Prosecutors Submit Massive Amounts of Evidence on Ghislaine Maxwell

( – The legal drama surrounding Jeffrey Epstein’s alleged co-conspirator and former girlfriend, Ghislaine Maxwell, continues to grow. FBI officials initially arrested Maxwell in July 2020 for her role in the exploitation of underage girls. In late March 2021, prosecutors hit her with two sex trafficking charges. A recent court filing revealed the enormity of the mountain of evidence against her.

On April 5, US Attorney Audrey Strauss filed a letter with the judge overseeing Maxwell’s case confirming that the government “has produced… more than 2.7 million pages of discovery” to the defendant’s attorneys. That number represented an increase of 1.5 million pages since November 2020.

Maxwell’s attorneys have been arguing that she doesn’t have enough time to review all that potential evidence in the time frame provided to her by prison officials.

In another twist, Maxwell’s attorneys seek access to records from a law firm representing some of her’s and Epstein’s alleged victims. Of particular concern is the lawyer’s request for a subpoena for an “original” and “complete copy” of the diary or one of the alleged victims.

Authorities are currently holding Maxwell in a Manhattan detention facility, without bail, pending trial. Her trial is scheduled to begin in July. We’ll keep you updated on details surrounding this breaking story.

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