Psaki Claims White House Has No Position on Liberal Doxxing of SCOTUS Justices

Psaki Claims White House Has No Position on Liberal Doxxing of SCOTUS Justices

White House Issues Pathetic Response To The Latest Violence Threat

( – The recent leak of a Supreme Court draft opinion regarding the landmark “Roe v. Wade” case has caused quite a stir. According to Politico, which first published the expose, the high court may be planning to overturn the 1973 decision. The news is prompting people to spread concern that abortions may once again become illegal. Activists are rising up to protest the matter; some have even doxxed Supreme Court justices. Yet, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said the White House held no official position on the issue during a recent press conference.

Fox News White House Correspondent Peter Doocy pointed out that justice’s neighbors are not public figures, mentioning that some have children at home. He then asked if Biden intended to help remove protestors from those areas.

Psaki’s response was brief and perhaps a bit too simple. She countered with America’s longstanding historical stance on protesting.

Doocy pushed on, asking the press secretary if President Biden was okay with activists posting a map depicting the private addresses of Supreme Court justices. In true Psaki fashion, she dismissed the issue entirely, saying only that the White House held no official position on where people protest. She then moved on to discuss exactly why activists are speaking out.

Regardless of why people are protesting, posting the address of a public figure can be incredibly dangerous. While privacy is a concern, the likelihood of vigilante justice is also deeply problematic. What if someone decided to take aggressive or violent action against one of these justices?

However, Doocy wasn’t entirely pressing in his conversation with Psaki. In a brief moment of professional deference, he said he was upset to see her leave, commenting that she’s always been a “good sport.”

He also told Karine Jean-Pierre that he couldn’t wait until she was on the stand.

Psaki is set to leave her position as press secretary in less than a week. She will join the MSNBC News team following her last day at work, May 13.

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