Psaki Goes Full Cringe: Confesses to “Ugly-Crying” at White House

Psaki Goes Full Cringe: Confesses to

( – Jen Psaki arguably deals with a lot of stress as the White House Press Secretary. Yet, until now, she’s never broken down crying while doing her job. Psaki told Dana Perino of Fox News that she recently “ugly-cried” on the White House lawn.

Perino and Psaki spoke about Ketanji Brown Jackson’s confirmation to the Supreme Court during an exclusive interview. Jackson will become the first black woman to serve on the high court after Justice Stephen Breyer steps down this summer.

The emotional news allegedly brought Psaki and a number of other Biden administration staffers to tears. She said many officials cried during Brown’s confirmation.

Psaki also reminisced about President Biden’s response in what became a very cringeworthy recollection of a historical day.

The White House Press Secretary talked about all the hard work and heartbreak people in the administration deal with, no matter who they work for, day-in and day-out. She said Jackson’s confirmation day stood out, labeling it joyous and celebratory. The press secretary also claimed it was a moment she wouldn’t forget for a very long time.

While it was a historic achievement for America, Psaki almost oversold the event in her description of how it went and how the administration reacted to it. Will her conduct tarnish the importance of the day for the public?

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