Psaki Tries to Defend Biden’s Careless Move

( – Former Biden administration mouthpiece Jen Psaki spent a portion of her October 8th MSNBC broadcast going head-to-head with Republican Rep. Mike Lawler over the issue of a recent White House decision to include $6 billion in a prisoner swap deal with the nation of Iran. Psaki’s exchange with the guest was full of smirks and what many would likely interpret as condescension.

Optics aside, what was already a heated point of contention between Democrats and Republicans has been brought to the forefront of political debate yet again following the Palestinian incursion into Israeli territory. Heaps of criticism were dumped on President Biden in early September when he decided to unfreeze billions in frozen Iranian funds.

Critics warned the Commander-in-Chief that the money would go towards funding terrorism. Only about one month later, the Iranian-sponsored terror group known as Hamas invaded Israel and slaughtered close to 1,000 civilians, including women and children. The Biden administration has denied having any culpability in the events, despite cries from many suggesting otherwise.

Rep. Lawler, who is among the President’s critics, took to Twitter on October 7th and said that Biden’s September decision to unfreeze Iranian money would leave terrorists “emboldened.” He referred to the $6 billion specifically as a “cash giveaway” and further referenced Iran’s “vile anti-Jewish rhetoric.”

Psaki addressed Lawler’s tweet in her latest episode and appeared to take the New York legislator to task for what she said were his inaccuracies. The host appeared to repeat a prior Biden administration talking point that the Iranian assets would be used for humanitarian reasons.

She also reminded Lawler that the funds had not yet been spent and were not derived from American taxpayers, despite Lawler never suggesting that they were. For reasons unknown, Psaki declined to cover the fact that only one day after the deal was finalized, Iran’s President told the world that his nation would spend the unfrozen funds in any way they saw fit.

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