Public School System Loses 1.2 Million Students Over Course of Pandemic

Public School System Loses 1.2 Million Students Over Course of Pandemic

American Parents Are Sick Of Woke Schools And This PROVES It

( – Educating America’s youth plays a critical role in the future of the entire country. That’s why experts are growing increasingly concerned about the ongoing decline in attendance rates that first worsened during the onset of the pandemic. Official reports now suggest that over 1.2 million fewer students are attending public schools.

Data pulled from state enrollment files and a 2020 survey shows that about 1 in 40 students failed to enroll by the fall of the same year. An expose published by The Daily Wire claims the loss of attendees has left some schools strapped for cash.

The trend is allegedly happening in urban, suburban, and rural communities, but urban schools seem to be getting hit the hardest. However, the increase in students not enrolling in public facilities was not necessarily new; it existed even before the pandemic. Low birth and immigration rates may contribute.

Some have also blamed the loss of students on school curriculums and the overall “wokeness” present in certain regions and school systems. Pandemic policies also convinced many parents to make the final call to begin homeschooling or find alternative solutions.

Is this the beginning of the end for public and private schools, or just a shift in approach? Will more Americans elect to teach their children at home in the future?

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