Putin Spokesperson Confirms They Might Use Nukes

Putin Spokesperson Confirms They Might Use Nukes

(RepublicanNews.org) – The Russia-Ukraine conflict is in its fifth week. As the conflict rages on, the world watches in shock from a distance, sharing growing concern about the potential of World War III, or worse, a nuclear attack. Christiane Amanpour of CNN tried to quell some of those fears during an interview with a top Russian official; it didn’t go in her favor.

Amanpour asked Dmitry Peskov, a spokesman to Russian President Vladimir Putin, whether or not Putin intends for the world to fear a nuclear attack. She also expressed hope that a positive response might help ease fears.

Words of comfort didn’t come. Instead, Peskov said Russia had yet to rule out the use of nukes within the conflict. He cited the country’s strong sense of domestic security and pointed out the fact that the foreign country’s main motivations for engaging in nuclear warfare are publicly available for any interested party to read.

Peskov also said Russia’s domestic security policies make allowances for nuclear weaponry when and if it faces an existential threat. However, he did not provide any clarification on what kind of scenario might qualify.

With Putin’s nuclear forces on high alert and Ukraine’s nuclear power plants under the threat of continued air raids, the potential for a catastrophe grows larger every day. A speedy resolution to the conflict is a must, regardless of how one feels about either side.

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