Radical Democrat SLIPS – Reveals Conversations With White House

Stacey Abrams Claims White House Support As Midterms Near

Stacey Abrams Claims White House Support As Midterms Near

(RepublicanNews.org) – The midterms are quickly approaching, and many candidates are looking for ways to boost their campaigns. In Georgia, Democrat Stacey Abrams is preparing to face off with the state’s incumbent governor, Brian Kemp, once again after losing to him in 2018. Abrams recently asserted her team has been in contact with the White House, and that she’s hoping to have some members of the administration campaign with her.

The Democrat is looking to boost her efforts, recently revealing her team is hoping to have President Biden join her on her campaign trail ahead of the November elections. Abrams admitted there was a lot going on with a total of 36 gubernatorial races taking place this year alongside the multiple Senate and House battles. The Democrat noted her team is looking forward to having supporters come to Georgia for her campaign events. Abrams has mentioned she would accept the support of Biden and his vice president, Kamala Harris.

However, the gubernatorial candidate’s tune was different earlier this year. Both Biden and Harris appeared in Georgia, but Abrams didn’t attend the event. Abrams claims a scheduling issue prevented her from joining the president and his second in command. At that time, Biden’s numbers were tanking, leading many to believe Abrams was strategically distancing herself from the president. But now, Biden has seen a surge in his approval rating, making candidates more open to him joining them as the campaign.

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