Radical Leftist Goes Too Far – Gets EXACTLY What She Deserves

MSNBC Host Fired After Inflammatory, Unprofessional Remarks

MSNBC Host Fired After Inflammatory, Unprofessional Remarks

(RepublicanNews.org) – MSNBC doesn’t hide its left-leaning policies and has a history of attacking conservatives. Still, the network appears to have some standards. MSNBC recently dropped Tiffany Cross, host of “The Cross Connection,” after she made some unprofessional and inflammatory remarks.

According to Fox News Digital, a source with knowledge of the development mentioned the network made the decision not to renew its contract with Cross, who had worked for the media outlet for two years. MSNBC instead decided to cut all ties with the host right away, although it chalked up the move to being a programming decision. While Cross will no longer be working for MSNBC, her staff will. The network will utilize the employees to produce MSNBC’s replacement for the canceled show.

Another source reportedly indicated MSNBC decided to cut Cross due to her “repeated bad behavior on and off-air.” One of the host’s most controversial comments came when she called Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, a conservative, “Justice Pubic Hair on my Coke Can.” MSNBC will have guest anchors fill in for Cross until the network is able to find a permanent replacement. Not long after news of her separation from the network became public, Cross shared posts supporting her, many of which were critical of MSNBC.

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