Ramaswamy References Nazis, Calls Zelenskyy a “Comedian in Cargo Pants”

(RepublicanNews.org) – Though still ongoing, negotiations between stateside legislators on the left and right regarding funding for what many believe to be a NATO proxy war in Ukraine have hit any number of roadblocks, despite pleas from both the Biden administration and the Zelenskyy government. Before President Biden’s latest series of requests, Congress had authorized a full $75 billion for the Eastern European nation.

The White House was in the process of working on a deal to secure even more when Hamas invaded Israel on October 7th. Following their incursion, administration officials quickly began floating the possibility of submitting a two-for-one package deal to lawmakers that would see America’s allies in each location receive billions in aid.

By the middle of October, President Biden asked legislators to sign off on a four-for-one deal that would see not only Ukraine and Israel funded in joint fashion but also the nation of Taiwan and America’s crisis at the southern border. Legislators led almost exclusively by those on the right declined to do so and House Speaker Mike Johnson suggested separate packages for the Israelis and Ukrainians.

On November 5th, in the midst of what appeared to be his nation’s dwindling coffers, President Zelenskyy appeared on MSNBC’s Meet the Press and told his host that if the U.S. government would not directly fund his country’s war efforts, he would be willing to accept a line of credit. The official clarified that Ukraine would pay America back after the fact.

During the November 8th debate for the GOP’s next presidential nominee, Vivek Ramaswamy was asked if he would support funding the Zelenskyy government as president. The candidate answered negatively and opined that Ukraine was being led by a comedian who wears cargo pants for reasons of optics and has banned opposition parties and postponed elections.

He further reminded viewers that Zelenskyy recently attended a Canadian parliament event in which an ex-Nazi was honored.

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