Rand Paul to Biden: Declassify Covid Docs

(RepublicanNews.org) – Americans may be amazed to hear government officials say the things that got many ordinary citizens socially “canceled,” fired from their jobs, or banned from social media this week.

Republican Rand Paul of Kentucky wants to make sure Americans get to see it all. Paul called on President Joe Biden to declassify documents that apparently show that the Department of Energy (DOE) has joined the FBI in concluding the Coronavirus was likely a lab leak originating in China.

Democrats, the mainstream media, government agencies, state health departments, and nearly every other source of mainstream opinion mocked and ostracized any American who voiced what seemed to be obvious about the virus. But today, the “lab leak theory” is apparently allowed to be discussed without accusations of paranoia or “spreading misinformation.”

At least, so long as the government is doing the talking.

Senator Paul posted on the social media platform Twitter to call for transparency about the Energy Department’s conclusions. Twitter, like other mainstream social media, banned countless ordinary Americans for even hinting at suspicion regarding the origin of the Coronavirus.

“They should be declassified!” he said of the DOE documents. Paul wrote on Twitter that the Department’s own scientists believe the virus leaked from the Wuhan virology lab in China.

The fact that Paul’s tweet remained up and not censored by Twitter appears to confirm that social media giants are in lockstep with government opinion. Similar tweets, even from prominent officials such as Paul, would have resulted in a Twitter user ban less than a year ago.

The DOE’s conclusions about the virus’s origins are not new, either. Department staff noted them in a 2021 report – nearly two years ago.

Republican lawmakers were quick to blast government officials and social media, demanding apologies from those who called concerned Americans conspiracy theorists and worse. They also want China to face consequences for what was, at best, unspeakable negligence.

The National Intelligence Council and other agencies appear to be coming around to the lab leak hypothesis as well. 

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