Rashida Tlaib Demands Independent Investigation Into Hospital Bombing

(RepublicanNews.org) – Despite even the New York Times now acknowledging that there may indeed be more to the alleged bombing of a Gaza hospital than was first reported by the outlet and others, Democrat Representative Rashida Tlaib is demanding that an “independent investigation” of the incident take place.

In an October 17th tweet, the Palestinian-American lawmaker from Michigan appeared to many to very clearly back Hamas’ version of events. She stated in a matter-of-fact fashion at the time that “Israel just bombed the Baptist Hospital” and had killed 500 Palestinian civilians, including doctors, children, and patients, “just like that.”

Tlaib’s tweet went on to criticize President Joe Biden for refusing “to facilitate a ceasefire.” The legislator’s October 23rd demand for a United Nations-led investigation of the alleged bombing made no mention of any of the evidence that many say has come out which appears to vindicate the Israeli military.

In a statement, Tlaib instead said that she was unable to accept the Israeli government’s denial of responsibility as established fact, especially when one considers the “numerous” past reports from years prior that have accused Israel of bombing many other medical facilities.

Both well-known leftists and those on the right have called Tlaib out for what they say is her unwillingness to retract her claims against Israel. Joy Behar even said the lawmaker was guilty of telling “lies like Trump.”

Texas Rep. Ronny Jackson has taken his critique of Tlaib several steps further and is demanding that the “Squad” member be removed from classified briefings as they relate to intelligence from the ongoing Middle Eastern conflict. In a letter to the House Speaker Pro Tempore, Jackson called Tlaib a “Hamas sympathizer.”

Readers may or may not be surprised to learn that Israel has admitted to what they say were mistaken bombings in decades past. As to more current errors, the Jewish State’s military admitted to accidentally shelling Egyptian positions near Gaza on October 22nd.

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