Record-High Drug Shortages Threaten Lives in America

( – In Joe Biden’s America, drugs are rife.

Sadly those drugs include illegal and deadly drugs such as heroin spiked with fentanyl, of which there is enough in the country to kill every American. The drugs in short supply include many life-saving – rather than life-ruining – prescription medications.

It’s President Biden’s responsibility to ensure the southern border is a strong, well-defended, formidable barrier which no detrimental, dangerous street drugs can make it across. Critics say he should not get a second presidential administration, as the border with Mexico has been effectively open under his watch.

The trouble is that the government focuses so heavily on the overregulation of legal narcotics that it forgets its duty to stop the illegal ones.

Advocates for better control say the solution is relatively simple: regulate the drugs following discussions with other nations, adopt their recommended policies, and prioritize the most in-demand ones for the U.S. regulatory checks. The drugs that can prevent hair loss in your 70s can wait, but the essential medications Americans need on a daily basis must be pushed toward the front of the regulatory queue.

They also say it is not too radical to suggest that if a drug is needed to return life to normality, it should be fast-tracked. (COVID vaccinations were rolled out within a year of the first confirmed case, so we must, at the very least, learn lessons from that).

Of course, overregulation is not the only issue. Biden’s open border allows drug smuggling to reach record levels – drugs that harm Americans and add pressure on the healthcare system. For an administration to stop the problem, they must first take preventative measures to prevent it from getting worse; refusing to continue a border project out of spite, only to cave in after three years, is not good enough.

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