Rep. Biggs Explains Constitutional “Right to Life” to Newsmax

Rep. Biggs Explains Constitutional

( – Abortion is a heavily debated topic on Capitol Hill and in the US. Democrats and Republicans often butt heads over the issue, and many times, disagreements end up in court. However, US Representative Andy Biggs of Arizona believes that the right to life is protected in the Constitution, negating many of these arguments right out of the gate.

In an interview on the “Chris Salcedo Show” on Newsmax, Rep. Biggs explained that the Constitution’s First Amendment protects the right to life. Even unborn children enjoy that right. Biggs asserted that fetuses in the womb are still human beings and deserve their rights.

Biggs says that since the Supreme Court’s “Roe v. Wade” decision in 1973 to legalize abortion at the federal level, some states have acted against the Constitution in the matter. His comments come in the wake of a high court decision to allow legal challenges against abortion providers that passed with an 8-1 vote on December 10.

The Supreme Court also voted to grant Texas the ability to keep its law banning abortions after the fetus’s heart begins beating, at around six weeks into the pregnancy, until the court works through the legal challenges.

Senator Bryan Hughes (R-TX) joined the interview with Newsmax a short time after Biggs began speaking. He agrees with the representative’s position and calls the court’s decision a victory for pro-life activists. The law will remain in effect for now, but it’s difficult to predict what might happen in the future.

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