Rep. Bishop Reveals ‘Sinister’ Provision in Omnibus Bill

( The omnibus bill, which was unveiled on Tuesday, has a “sinister” provision that budgets money for “reproductive health” in regions where “population growth threatens biodiversity,” according to Rep. Dan Bishop, R-N.C.

Early that day, the enormous $1.7 trillion bill was made public with the expectation that Congress would vote on it on Wednesday. The 4,200-page bill was criticized by a number of Republican figures, including Bishop, as being another example of the federal government’s wasteful spending after the national debt recently surpassed $31 trillion.

Bishop provided numerous examples on his Twitter page, including the over $500 million invested in “reproductive health” in areas that might endanger endangered species.

Bishop said on Twitter that “on a more sinister note,” at least $575 million for “family planning” in regions where population growth “threatens biodiversity.” He said Malthusian ideology is disturbing and anti-human and has no place in any federal program.

“This is extremely unsettling. Congratulations to the finder,” Analyst David Ditch of the Heritage Foundation tweeted.

Katrina Trinko, the chief editor of The Daily Signal, felt this finding was “very messed up.” She said protecting endangered species is important, but “let’s not sacrifice people’s lives in the process.”

Bishop also emphasized a number of other provisions in the bill, such as the renaming of a building in honor of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, $524.4 million for a National Institute of Health division on DEI and “structural racism,” and the express ban on funding for the Customs and Border Patrol “to acquire, maintain, or extend border security technology and capabilities.”

Manu Raju of CNN questioned Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-New York, about the bill and how little time Congressmen have to read it before voting.

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