Rep Lauren Boebert Caught in a Twitter Feud

Rep Lauren Boebert Caught in a Twitter Feud

Nancy Pelosi’s PRIVATE Location Was Leaked – Guess Who Shared It?

( – Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) has had her share of controversy in the House of Representatives chamber and across Twitter. The conservative lawmaker has repeatedly clashed with far-left colleagues, with some of their previous arguments spilling over into social media. Boebert’s Twitter posts are now fueling the fire in a whole new way, sparking a bitter public feud that’s crossing party lines.

This most recent controversy stems from allegations that the Colorado representative had live-tweeted Congress members’ locations during the Capitol attack on January 6 in an effort to help the insurrectionists. Washington State representative Jaime Herrera Beutler, a fellow Republican, called out Boebert on the tweets.

Boebert’s only defense for sharing her peers’ locations during the attack was that the info “was being broadcast live from C-SPAN” at the time. The lawmaker hasn’t offered any insight as to her actual motivations behind sharing the tweets, which initially caused some of her peers to demand she resign. Not only has Boebert remained in office, but she’s currently running for another term. The Colorado representative must beat State Senator Don Coram on June 28 before battling it out with the district’s Democratic nominee.

Will Representative Boebert’s past tweets cost her the seat? The elections are coming just around the corner, and it seems Colorado’s 3rd district might still be anyone’s game.

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