Republican PREDICTION Shocks Media – It’s Official!

Republicans Predicted To Win The House

Republicans Predicted To Win The House

( – The GOP didn’t get its anticipated red wave in the 2022 midterms. The party had expected to gain an overwhelming majority in the lower chamber of Congress and possibly a modest one in the Senate. However, at this point, the best Republicans can do in the upper congressional chamber is break even. Meanwhile, the GOP is still predicted to win the House, but only with a modest majority at best.

NBC News noted it currently can’t offer a projection of which party will control the House but included Decision Desk’s prediction. The organization calculates the chances of whether a Republican, Democrat, or third-party will win each of the 435 House seats. Decision Desk uses pre-election data to determine an estimate before voting gets underway. Then, on Election Day, it adjusts the probability of each seat by relying on real-time voting data. The predictor then estimates what the most likely outcome will be, also providing a margin of error.

While key races in California, Colorado, Alaska remain uncalled, NBC’s Decision Desk has estimated Republicans will gain control of the House, 220-215. Each party needs 218 seats to gain a majority, but until all the votes are tallied, no one can be truly sure of the outcome.

If Republicans do win the House, they’ll certainly launch investigations into Joe Biden and his family. The GOP will also likely push for the president’s impeachment. But they need to win first.

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