Republicans Demand That HHS Provide Legal Definition of a “Woman”

Republicans Demand That HHS Provide Legal Definition of a

Top Republican Stuns Woke HHS

( – LGBTQ community members and allies believe that anyone can be a woman regardless of their biological sex, but that’s not how conservatives and many other Americans feel. A group of Republicans is now demanding that the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) provide a legal definition for the word “woman.”

Not long into his tenure, President Biden created the Gender Policy Council. The president also banned discrimination in gender identity education shortly afterward.

A Daily Caller exclusive claims these changes will eventually make it easier for male students to use female bathrooms. The news outlet accuses Biden of attempting to force states into allowing the prescription of hormone and puberty blockers for minors.

Despite all these policies and changes regarding gender, the Biden administration hasn’t given a legal definition of what a woman is. Brian Harrison, former HHS Chief of Staff, joined more than a dozen Texas Republicans to press the agency about what a woman is.

In a letter to Deputy Assistant Secretary for Women’s Health Dorothy Fink, the group of Republicans pointed to several uses of the word “woman” in legislation and regulations. Many are designed to help or protect women in some way. The advocates suggest that confirming a new legal definition for the term “woman” will avoid ambiguity and help clarify these laws.

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