Republicans Work Hard To Stop Biden’s ATF Nominee

Republicans Work Hard To Stop Biden's ATF Nominee

Republican Coalition Bands Together To Save America From Radical Nominee

( – The recent string of mass shootings across the US has both political parties on high alert. Democrats are pushing for gun control, while Republicans look to minimize those efforts and preserve Second Amendment rights. Meanwhile, President Biden recently nominated Steve Dettelbach to head the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF). GOP lawmakers are now hoping to block his confirmation.

Republican attorneys general from more than a dozen states sent a letter to Senate Majority and Minority leaders Chuck Schumer and Mitch McConnell demanding that they block Dettelbach. All 15 Republicans AGs believe the nominee will do little more than “rubber stamp” Biden’s distinctly anti-gun regulations.

Montana’s Austin Knudsen is spearheading the current effort. Attorneys general from the states of West Virginia, Arkansas, Alaska, Arizona, Indiana, Kansas, Missouri, Louisiana, South Dakota, Utah, Georgia, South Carolina, Oklahoma, and Texas are also taking part.

The group of Republicans accuses Dettelbach of actively attacking the Second Amendment. According to a Daily Caller exclusive, they believe he would “erode constitutional restraints on federal power” and propel the ATF’s attempts to restrict the rights of Americans. The attorneys general cite Dettelbach’s past of supporting gun control measures as one of the reasons not to confirm his position.

As the text of the letter also points out, the ATF director is supposed to keep the American people safe. The group of Republicans fears that Dettelbach’s history of political activism may trigger him to target Americans who are already following the law.

The group is not alone in their dissent. Several other pro-gun groups are also opposing Dettelbach’s appointment as the head of the ATF.

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