RFK Jr. Gets Surprisingly High 2024 Rankings

(RepublicanNews.org) – A new poll conducted by YouGov and The Economist shows that Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has the highest net rating of favorability among a pool of candidates in the 2024 presidential race. Beyond name recognition as the nephew to President John Kennedy and the son to Attorney General Robert Kennedy, both of whom were assassinated, the lawyer is known for often taking public and polarizing stances on issues of environment and immunization.

While the poll showed that 49 percent of participants viewed him favorably, it showed that the opposite was true for 30 percent of respondents. Kennedy’s 19-point rating for net favorability as a candidate for the Democratic nomination is a stark contrast to what the poll revealed about President Biden, who received a score of minus-9. Biden, however, did poll higher than his predecessor, President Trump, who received a minus-10 rating for net favorability. Similarly, both Presidents Biden and Trump were viewed favorably overall by 44 percent of participants, giving them a shared second place.

Despite Republican Senator Tim Scott and conservative businessman Vivek Ramaswamy polling with different favorability and unfavorability numbers, both men still scored equally in their net favorability rating. While 32 percent viewed Scott favorably, only 26 percent viewed Ramaswamy as such. But, Ramaswamy was only viewed unfavorably by 19 percent, whereas Scott was viewed as such by 32 percent. With minus-24 points, the lowest rating overall for net favorability went to New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and only 19 percent of respondents viewed author Marianne Williamson favorably.

A full 21 percent of respondents had no opinion whatsoever on Kennedy, with the numbers presenting themselves far differently for those with no opinion on President Biden and former President Trump. Both these men scored in the single digits. Neither Trump nor Kennedy has yet announced running 2024 running mates. Some in Trump’s base have floated the idea of the two men joining tickets.

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