RFK Jr. Slams Biden Border Plan

(RepublicanNews.org) – No matter what one’s thoughts are on Robert F. Kennedy’s 2024 presidential candidacy, most would likely agree that his use of metaphor is spot-on. While campaigning in Texas on September 22nd, the potential Democratic nominee lashed out at the Biden administration and said that their border policy was being dictated by Mexican cartel activity.

The descendant of two assassinated American legends then took his comparison a step further and said that White House policy has led to “every city in” the nation becoming like “a border town.” Kennedy’s Austin comments seemed to be referencing recent developments in New York City, where the once migrant-friendly mayor Eric Adams has been forced to declare a citywide crisis and plead for federal help.

A September 26th statement from the mayor’s office said the city’s social service systems are being forced to facilitate the needs of 60,000 illegal aliens, with an additional 10,000 arriving in the Big Apple on average with each passing month. Adams’ office specifically referred to the influx as “a national crisis,” for which “a national solution” is needed. A spokesperson said “the status quo” has failed to work.

In a moment that many would likely interpret with a sense of irony, RFK Jr.’s comments were quickly followed by a flood of posts on social media showing thousands of what appeared to be military-aged men riding north atop train cars en route to the U.S. Southern border.

Over the weekend, thousands of illegal migrants continued to flood the Eagle Pass area after crossing the Rio Grande from the Mexican side. Kennedy further took advantage of his time in the Lone Star state to point out and criticize President Biden’s plan to approve work permits for almost half a million Venezuelan nationals who arrived in the U.S. illegally.

The son of Bobby Kennedy said that work visa approvals should be halted completely until the border becomes secure.

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