RNC Announces $60-Million Voting Initiative

RNC Announces $60-Million Voting Initiative

(RepublicanNews.org) – The Republican National Committee (RNC) announced the start of a $60-million digital campaign to “get-out-the-vote.” The campaign will utilize all available social media platforms like Facebook, Snapchat, and YouTube to increase voter participation in the upcoming November election.

RNC Chief of Staff Richard Walters issued an October 8 statement detailing Republicans’ ongoing efforts to ensure good voter turnout. Republicans have outpaced Democrats on “every Get Out The Vote metric,” including the use of digital platforms and traditional boots on the ground door knocking and phone banking strategies, according to Walters.

The Initiative’s Design

The initiative is designed to supplement the Trump campaign’s ongoing effort to target voters using “persuasive” advertisements. A newly revamped website is at the center of the campaign. It will serve to keep digital tabs on voters from the moment they request a ballot.

“We can target [voters] every step of the way,” explained Walters, adding they would monitor the process until they “can see” the ballot has been successfully submitted.

Ironically, this effort runs counter to President Trump’s recent denunciations of the entire mail-in voting process and his prediction that it would lead to an all-out disaster on election night. However, he has complimented the early voting system in Florida and does draw a distinction between absentee voting, which he supports, and mail-in ballots.

This initiative leverages three years of data operations conducted by Republicans and represents their most extensive digital effort to get out the vote to date. America’s future is on the line, and Republicans are taking every opportunity to protect the country moving forward.

With an unprecedented 8.3 million early votes cast already in the 2020 election, Republicans couldn’t have picked a better time to encourage their supporters to “get-out-the-vote.” Election night could prove to be an interesting, and long evening. Here’s to hoping this campaign is a smashing success.

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