RNC Contractor Hit With Major Cyberattack

RNC Contractor Hit With Major Cyberattack

(RepublicanNews.org) – Cyberattacks appear to be on the rise this year. Hackers took down the Colonial Pipeline in May and created fuel supply shortages for much of the East Coast for a couple of weeks. On Sunday, July 4, a Russian-based ransomware attack against an American software group impacted as many as 1,500 global businesses and led to a $70-million ransom demand.

On Tuesday, Silicon Valley technology company SYNNEX Corporation published a press release admitting that “outside actors” attempted to breach several customer applications located within its Microsoft cloud environment. The company is conducting a thorough review of the attempted hack with the assistance of Microsoft and a third-party cybersecurity company. All systems remained online and operational during the attack.

Bloomberg contributor William Turton reported the hackers breached computer systems operated on SYNNEX by the Republican National Committee (RNC). However, RNC Chief of Staff Richard Walters denied that claim.

As Walters explained, SYNNEX informed the RNC of the breach, and they immediately blocked access to any SYNNEX accounts to the RNC’s cloud server. Like SYNNEX, the RNC worked with Microsoft technicians and determined that the cyberattack didn’t breach its server and “no RNC data was accessed.”

RNC spokesperson Mike Reed told Bloomberg the FBI and Department of Homeland Security are looking into the matter, and Walters confirmed the RNC is continuing its efforts with Microsoft and federal officials to investigate the attempted breach.

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