Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Challenges President Biden to Debate

( – Robert F. Kennedy Jr., a Democrat, has challenged President Joe Biden to meet him in debates and town hall meetings during the 2024 presidential campaign season.

Biden finally announced his 2024 campaign on April 25th after teasing the possibility for months. At the same time, the Democratic National Committee just said it will not sponsor primary debates, a highly unusual move that leads to speculation that the DNC understands that Biden is not mentally fit to hold his own on a debate stage.

Biden, currently 80 years old, would be 86 by the end of his second presidential term. Though Democrats react with anger when Biden’s mental state is mentioned, it is clear to most observers that the President is suffering from age-related cognitive decline. It is often difficult or impossible to interpret his slurred speech and frequent gaffes, and Biden regularly needs to be physically guided on and off stages by his wife or staff.

Kennedy is the nephew of the assassinated former President John F. Kennedy, and the son of Robert F. Kennedy Sr., who was also assassinated.

A recent NBC News poll found that almost 75% of Americans think Biden should not run for reelection. The most common factor cited for this view is Biden’s age. 

Kennedy wants to debate Biden on the issues on which they “differ profoundly.” While he knows and likes Biden, Kennedy said, they have starkly different views on the relationship between business and government, civil liberties, foreign policy, and more.

Kennedy said he anticipates “engaging (Biden) in debates and town hall meetings in a primary election that is honest, civil, and transparent.” While he is a Democrat from a long line of Democrats, Kennedy said, the part has gone “off track.”

It is uncertain whether any such discussions will happen, given the DNC’s “no-debates” stance.

Writer Marianne Williamson, who ran in the 2020 presidential race, also announced on April 25th that she is seeking the Democratic nomination for president. She, too, challenged Biden to a debate. 

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