Romney Comes to Hunter Biden’s Defense

( – Republican Sen. Mitt Romney has slammed the party’s impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden over a lack of evidence to suggest he committed an impeachable offense.

The veteran senator and former presidential nominee is one of the more skeptical Republicans within the party’s ranks. In an interview with NBC’s “Meet the Press”, Romney said there was “nothing of that nature” to suggest wrongdoing on the President’s part.

The impeachment inquiry has dominated the House of Representatives since the Republican Party took control at the start of 2023. Pushed on by Republicans loyal to former president Donald Trump, the House Oversight Committee, led by Rep. James Comer, has sought conclusive evidence that Biden financially gained from first son Hunter’s foreign business dealings while he was vice president under Barack Obama.

Even with testimony from Hunter Biden’s former associates and scrutinized bank records associated with the family, firm and conclusive evidence is yet to be discovered by investigating House Republicans. Nevertheless, GOP lawmakers have continued their relentless efforts, despite the issue not garnering universal support across the party.

After a formal inquiry was launched without a vote in September by then-Speaker Kevin McCarthy, Republicans are now hoping that a formal vote in the House will boost their inquiry’s credibility should it be tested in a court of law. On “Meet the Press”, Romney said he would not vote for the formal motion if he were a House Representative.

Much of the inquiry has been focused on first son Hunter, who is facing separate charges in relation to tax misdemeanor and unlawful possession of a firearm. The hope, at least among Republicans, is that focusing efforts on Hunter is the key to proving the President’s alleged wrongdoing.

Romney described Hunter as a “very unsavory person [who] has had some extremely damaging personal foibles,” referencing his substance misuse. However, he said the issue was unrelated to the President, adding that it would be unreasonable to impeach someone “because of the sins of their kids.”

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