Ron DeSantis Meets Privately With Vaccine Skeptics

Ron DeSantis Meets With Vaccine Skeptics for Private Talks and Discussions

( – Florida’s Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis has taken a proactive approach to protect the rights of Floridians amid the mounting concern surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic. DeSantis has supported the use of vaccines but has opposed mask mandates and the idea of creating vaccine passports.

The Florida governor quietly met with a group of individuals, including those opposed to mask mandates and vaccine skeptics, at the Florida State Capitol on the evening of July 26. The meeting included a broad range of people, including a student who spoke out against face masks and a California professor with a long history of opposing lockdowns.

Los Angeles clinical psychiatrist Mark McDonald was among the more prominent attendees. He confirmed the meeting with DeSantis focused much of its attention on the lack of medical support for mandating masks for school children. The group also discussed the potential psychological and physical harm to children created by forced masking.

McDonald voiced his concern about vaccines.

“There is no medical [reason] for vaccinating children,” he said.

He also suggested that neither inoculations nor masks provide any protection against the coronavirus.

When asked for comment, DeSantis’ office confirmed his long-time support for the use of vaccinations. They noted the governor believes COVID vaccines are “safe for most people” and are an “effective” way to prevent serious illness.

DeSantis’ spokesperson also stressed that the governor believes Floridians are capable of making up their own minds regarding their health and should decide for themselves whether to wear masks.

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