Ron DeSantis Orders EXTENSION – He’s Intervening!

Ron DeSantis To Extend Property Tax Deadlines for Residents

( – Governor Ron DeSantis (R-FL) has proven himself to be a leader of the people by meeting the needs of his constituents. The popular Republican lawmaker is once again showing that what matters the most to him is the wellbeing of those he serves. DeSantis recently signed an executive order to extend the deadline for residents in certain counties, approved for the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s assistance, to pay their property taxes.

Hurricane Ian ravaged the Sunshine State, killing at least 100 people and leaving millions more without running water or power. The governor recently spoke at a news conference to announce Executive Order 22-242, which will aid people impacted by Hurricane Ian in relation to their property taxes.

DeSantis explained he didn’t have the power to eliminate the taxes altogether but could at least suspend them until state legislatures could meet about the issue. The order will prolong the deadline in 27 Florida counties and will cover personal and commercial business properties that Hurricane Ian destroyed or rendered uninhabitable.

The governor doesn’t have an exact timeline on the deadline extension but noted there would be a formal announcement about it when legislatures were able to determine one. DeSantis asserted that people who lost their homes or businesses shouldn’t have to worry about paying property taxes on buildings that might not even exist anymore or while they were dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Ian.

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