Ron DeSantis Says Joe Biden Has Blood on His Hands

Ron DeSantis Says Joe Biden Has Blood on His Hands

( – Republican Governor of Florida Ron DeSantis has been a long-time critic of President Biden over his lax immigration policies and COVID-19 mandates. Earlier in the year, it became clear Biden was secretly resettling undocumented minors by flying them into several states at night. Now, one of those migrants is facing trial for second-degree murder.

Murderous Migrant

Authorities in the Jacksonville, Florida area found Yery Noel Medina Ulloa covered in blood standing outside the home where he was staying. A trail of droplets led to the body of 46-year-old Francisco Javier Cuellar, who owned the residence.

The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office indicated that security video captured on the home surveillance system depicted Ulloa repeatedly stabbing Cuellar and hitting him with a chair. The two men weren’t related, but Ulloa allegedly admitted to a friend and his mother that he killed his “Uncle Francisco” shortly afterward. He has pleaded not guilty to second-degree murder and tampering with evidence.

Ulloa was allegedly living with Cuellar, who took him in after he arrived in Jacksonville, FL, for an unknown reason.

Blood on Your Hands

Governor DeSantis believes one of President Biden’s secret flights likely brought Ulloa into Florida. He noted that the federal government doesn’t tell the states when these flights come in or who they drop off. He’s looking for ways to hold contractors responsible.

DeSantis feels that if it weren’t for Biden’s encouragement of lawlessness, Cuellar would still be alive — essentially putting the blood on Biden’s hands.

President Biden has defended his lax border policies, noting that immigration is solely the federal government’s responsibility. DeSantis questions what happens when the federal government fails to fulfill that responsibility and if it believes states cannot protect themselves.

All an Act

Authorities only discovered Ulloa’s true identity after he killed Cuellar. The migrant, who is from Honduras originally, lied to authorities in Texas, saying he was only 17 in an effort to gain access to the country. After killing Cuellar, officers determined that Ulloa was actually about to turn 24 in November. The undocumented immigrant first came to the United States under the pseudonym Reynel Alexander Hernandez. It’s unclear whether Cuellar knew he was an adult.

DeSantis has long staged resistance to President Biden’s policies and methods. This time it seems that DeSantis is right; the president’s policies could be dangerous to Americans. If there’s one case of murder by an illegal immigrant, more could follow. Might other undocumented individuals also gain access simply by lying about their age?

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