Rudy Giuliani Demands Due Process for Andrew Cuomo

Rudy Giuliani Demands Due Process for Andrew Cuomo

( – The walls came crumbling down around New York’s Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo this week. On August 3, the New York Attorney General’s Office released an investigative report detailing Cuomo’s sexual harassment and abuse of 11 former and current state employees. So far, at least four local prosecutors have announced investigations into his alleged misconduct.

Amid all this chaos, Gov. Cuomo appears to have found an unlikely ally: former New York City Mayor and longtime Donald Trump ally, Rudy Giuliani (R).

Giuliani weighed in on Cuomo’s predicament shortly after the report was published. Conceding that “Cuomo may be guilty,” Giuliani reminded everyone that the American legal system offers the accused the presumption of innocence until a court finds them guilty.

It may seem ironic that Giuliani came to Cuomo’s defense. However, as he explained, Trump was also denied due process after numerous allegations of improper conduct lodged against him by Democrats and other rivals. The former president was ultimately convicted in the court of public opinion instead.

As Giuliani concluded in his Twitter thread, the same New York prosecutors pursuing Cuomo tried “to frame Trump.”

Trump rivals spoke for years about the fair application of justice, reminding Americans that no one is above the law. Yet, they apparently forget that constitutional reality works both ways. The innocent remain as such until a competent jury finds them guilty. Shouldn’t Cuomo receive that same consideration, along with Trump and Giuliani?

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