Rudy Giuliani Takes Yet Another Hit From the Corrupt Democrat Controlled Officials

Rudy Giuliani Takes Yet Another Hit From The Corrupt Democrat Controlled Officials

( – Rudy Giuliani is once again being targeted for his association with former President Donald Trump, this time in D.C. The capital’s highest court handed down a motion to suspend his license to practice law within the area on Wednesday, July 7. Many people feel the ruling is not only unfair but also unjust.

A Double Whammy

Guiliani’s legal troubles initially arose in New York back in late June. As reported in this document, the Attorney Grievance Committee (AGC) asked the state Supreme Court to suspend the well-known attorney for making what they saw as “demonstrably false and misleading statements,” mostly in relation to election fraud.

The AGC also claimed the attorney deceived lawmakers and the general public. They included links to several of Giuliani’s videos, calling them demonstrably false. A number of the links were unavailable, mostly as a result of YouTube’s censorship over “community standards.”

Unfortunately, the NY Supreme Court agreed to carry the AGC’s motion forward, suspending the attorney “pursuant to Judiciary Law § 90(2) and 22 NYCRR 1240.9(a) (5).” They also said he contributed to heightened tensions that “bubbled over into the events of January 6, 2021.”

The lawyer still faces a slew of potential legal troubles in other states, at least as of the time this article was written. Dominion Voting Systems, creator of the most widely-used voting machine in America, filed a $1.3 billion dollar lawsuit against him back in May. They accused the lawyer of slander for calling them duplicit in the manipulation of election results.

Smartmatic, another voting machine manufacturer, also filed a similar $2.7 billion lawsuit against Fox News for “defamation and disparagement” back in February. It named both Giuliani and a slew of other stars working for the network.

Giuliani’s Response

Giuliani, who has supported the former commander-in-chief as far back as his initial campaign in 2016, doesn’t mince words when sharing how he feels about the suspensions. In fact, he called the original ruling in New York a “disgrace,” suggesting it might as well have been written by the DNC. In many ways, it does feel like a smear campaign.

Democrats have repeatedly targeted the attorney for a long list of issues over the past year, ranging from simply holding an unpopular political opinion to his choice of venues for press conferences. The twisting of events to suit a specific narrative and censorship of those with whom they disagree is unfortunately nothing new for the Left.

Is It Unfair?

What Giuliani’s accusers seem to willfully overlook is the fact that he’s far from the only person who questions the accuracy of the last vote. The situation is far from over; Conservatives in virtually every state continue to investigate the alleged fraud. Ongoing audits over the issues have yet to be resolved, and a number of associated cases have yet to go before the courts.

With this in mind, how can the courts suspend a man for sharing the same opinion as thousands of other Americans? Furthermore, is it fair to punish someone for being concerned about the state of democracy in America today? Or, does this amount to a case of political persecution? These are surely uncertain times.

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