Rush Limbaugh’s Last Words Reveal His True Feelings About Joe Biden

Rush Limbaugh's Last Words Reveal His True Feelings About Joe Biden

( – Longtime conservative radio personality Rush Limbaugh died at his Palm Beach, Florida, home after a year-long battle with lung cancer on Wednesday, February 17. He was 70 years old.

Few public figures had the impact he did throughout his decades-long time on the airwaves, with more than 15 million listeners. A controversial figure, he lived an unapologetic life, never backing down from the conservative ideals that guided his life and the substance of his radio show.

His death seamlessly represented his life, with some of his final public words embodying his love of country and concern for its future.

Limbaugh’s Final Public Statements

Limbaugh’s final two Facebook posts focused on Joe Biden and his failed administration. In the first post, he discussed how many people who voted for Biden, like energy sector workers, had no idea he would drive the nation’s economy into the dirt. The post linked to an article on Limbaugh’s website discussing the plight of Keystone XL pipeline workers who lost their jobs due to Biden’s decision to halt the project.

In his final post, he mocked Biden for canceling a “major foreign policy speech” because of “two inches of snow” on the ground. His post linked to another of his articles, this one titled, “Biden Sees his Shadow, Cancels Major Speech.”

Donald Trump Pays His Final Respects

Donald Trump paid tribute to Limbaugh, remembering him as a “guiding light” and “defender of liberty.” Continuing, he described the conservative icon as a person who believed in America’s “greatness” and everything the nation “stands for.”

He added that he and Melania wanted to express their “deepest condolences” to Limbaugh’s wife, family members, and fans. “He will be missed greatly,” he concluded.

Limbaugh’s wife Kathryn announced his death on his regularly scheduled radio program, telling his fans that, like them, she wished he was behind the microphone.

May he rest in peace.

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