Russia Sends Terrifying Threat to United States

Russia Sends Terrifying Threat to United States

( – Russia and the United States have long been adversaries, and there’s no end in sight to the showdown between the two powers. Both countries often “tease” each other and push the one other’s buttons. While the two nations haven’t yet come to blows in recent years, Russia recently sent both the United States and the United Kingdom a chilling warning.

In June, a British Royal Navy vessel allegedly crossed into Russian waters. This incident prompted a response from Russia’s Coast Guard, which says a ship fired warning shots to force England’s HMS Defender, a Type-45 Destroyer, to correct its course.

Officials in Moscow claim the Russian military also used an Su-24 fighter jet to drop bombs in the path of the HMS Defender, once again attempting to force it out of Russian waters off of the Crimean coast. UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson defended the Royal Navy’s actions, suggesting they followed international maritime laws.

Deputy Secretary Mikhail Popov of the Russian Security Council sent a jarring message to the Royal Navy shortly afterward: The military will sink the next foreign vessel in its waters. The ship’s state allegiance won’t afford it protection. Russia’s recent war games, which involved 20 ships and a “mock enemy,” were likely intended to be a show of force shortly before Popov issued the strong warning.

Popov later expressed bewilderment over Britain’s response to the incident. He also asked PM Johnson and foreign minister Dominic Raab what they would tell the families of sailors injured or killed if the Royal Navy refused to halt their incursions. Global leaders should take their warnings seriously — Russia isn’t exactly known for being merciful.

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