Russia Threatens US – Says It Will Respond if US “Violates” Borders in Sea

Russia Threatens US - Says It Will Respond if US

( – Tensions ignited last week when Russia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a stern warning to the United States regarding the Federation’s territorial waters. Russian officials alleged one of its destroyers caught a US Navy battleship crossing into its territorial waters in the Sea of Japan, potentially setting off a grave international incident.

According to Moscow, on November 24, the USS John S. McCain sailed about a mile across Russiaโ€™s alleged international waters in the Sea of Japan, which borders Russia, Japan, and North and South Korea.

The Russian Ministry of Defense claimed one of its Pacific Fleet destroyers, Admiral Vinogradov, threatened to ram the American destroyer if it didn’t return to international waters. Russian officials also accused the United States of “saber-rattling,” adding they would take appropriate action if the US Navy crossed their maritime borders again.

US Navy officials denied the claim, stating the Navy would never bow down to “intimidation” regarding Russian false claims regarding its maritime borders.

Fortunately, incidents like this are rare, although the Admiral Vinogradov nearly collided with a US Navy cruiser last year in the East China Sea.

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