Russian Propagandist Takes Aim at Tucker Carlson

( – Russian talking head Vladimir Solovyov is suggesting in a not-so-subtle manner that Tucker Carlson is on his way to becoming the victim of a deep-state assassination. Solovyov, who many deem to be the Kremlin’s number one propagandist, made the shocking claims on the latest episode of his Russian-based syndicated program.

The Eastern European personality was referencing Carlson’s numerous recent statements in which he has claimed that the deep state is being backed into a corner that will force them to assassinate President Trump. The former Fox host has further contended that that same system not only wants a kinetic NATO war with Russia, but that one will go hot within the next year based purely on desperation.

Carlson has pointed out that a series of failed impeachments against Trump did not eliminate the threat he posed to the status quo. The President only became more popular and continued to expose the Washington elite in real-time. After being dethroned by the Biden apparatus, Trump is still feared to such an extent that attempts are being made to prevent him from regaining the Presidency through a series of indictments.

Four indictments later, and with the former President’s poll numbers rising after each one, he and his populist base continue to pose an existential threat to the system. Carlson has made clear that the system Trump has been fighting against is nearly out of options and they have only two cards left to play. War and assassination.

The now-Twitter host has said that those behind the lawfare against Trump realize that the tables will be turned against them if he regains power. Because of that, they have no option other than to maintain control and are willing “to do anything to win,” Carlson has said.

Stateside legacy outlets have reawakened the Russian boogeyman narrative and have begun to run pieces suggesting that Carlson is in the employ of Russian-based propaganda efforts.

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