Russian Soldiers Are Too Afraid To Move Further Into Ukraine

Russian Soldiers Are Too Afraid To Move Further Into Ukraine

Ukraine Gets Upper Hand As Russians Cower

( – The Ukraine war has surpassed the 100-day mark, and Russian President Vladimir Putin’s “special military operation” continues to hit several snags. With the conflict dragging out much longer than previously anticipated, the Russian President is facing a new setback: His troops are too afraid to advance their offensive any further into Ukraine.

Heavy Losses

Putin and Russian military officials underestimated the amount of resistance Ukraine would muster. Initially, the invading force planned to occupy the entire nation; soldiers quickly realized they had a difficult task. Russia now appears to be shifting the focus to the eastern part of the Ukraine instead.

With the conflict dragging on, Russia is losing more and more troops. The country’s military is responding by calling on reservists and retirees.

These heavy losses are lowering morale among Russian forces and, in many cases, humiliating Putin. For example, troops recently refused to cross the Siverskyi Donets River. Luhansk Oblast Military Administration leader, Serhii Haidai, said on Facebook that Russian soldiers feared experiencing heavy losses if they advanced. The official also indicated that the Kremlin’s forces had not yet recovered from prior engagements in Belogorodka.

Their fears may be reasonable. The invading force attempted to cross the river in May but was forced to turn back after suffering significant casualties.


Express reported on recordings in which a Russian soldier allegedly voiced his despair to his wife over the phone. The unidentified man told his wife that many Russian troops requested to take time off to be with their families, only to apply for permanent release afterward. The man noted that no one returned to the invasion.

Soldiers not lucky enough get away from the fighting often drown their fears by drinking. In fact, the man who made the call admitted to his wife that he was drunk due to fear at the time he reached out.

Doomed From the Beginning?

Miscommunication and disorganization have plagued Putin’s fighting force since the beginning of Russia’s invasion. This effect ultimately splintered the nation’s attack. But Russian forces have also suffered under the weight of extremely poor management. Invading troops marched out poorly equipped; many suffered from hunger and frostbite early on. Some soldiers even resorted to begging locals for food or eating stray dogs.

These reports suggest that Putin’s original plan is failing. Yet, the war may drag out until one side finally surrenders. But who will it be?

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