School Union Leader Caught in Hypocrisy

School Union Leader Caught in Hypocrisy

( – Public schools in Berkeley, CA, have been blocked from reopening for roughly a year. Parents are pushing for school reopenings, but local officials have pushed back, citing concerns about teachers.

Berkeley Federation of Teachers President Matt Meyer has called for the vaccination of all teachers before reopening in-person learning. Some parents have spoken out against Meyer’s demand, pointing out that the CDC’s guidelines say schools can reopen without all teachers receiving vaccinations first.

A group of parents, called Guerilla Momz, decided to follow Meyer in hopes of catching him breaking that standard. Sure enough, they captured him on video, dropping off his two-year-old daughter at her private preschool.

As one might expect, outrage broke out over the clip. Dr. Shelene Stine, a physician attending COVID-19 patients and mother of school-aged children, told reporters that Meyer’s efforts to block in-school learning at public schools is “infuriating.”

Unfazed at being caught in the act of complete hypocrisy, Meyer tried to put up a smokescreen, claiming Guerilla Momz violated his daughter’s privacy. However, the group blurred her images in the video. Public schools remain closed until at least the end of March, thanks in part to Meyer.

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