Sean Hannity Asks: Who Is REALLY in Control of the White House?

Sean Hannity Asks: Who Is REALLY in Control of the White House?

( – Serving as the President of the United States brings with it the awesome responsibility of serving unofficially as the “leader of the free world.” Naturally, concerns arise occasionally regarding an individual’s capability to continue to serve in that capacity.

Fox News host Sean Hannity weighed in on the subject of current President Joe Biden’s leadership during his July 6 broadcast. He began the segment with a serious question: “Who is in charge at [the White House]?”

“A majority of American people” don’t think it’s Biden, Hannity stated, citing a recent Trafalgar Group poll. Asked if they thought Biden was “fully executing the duties of his office,” an alarming 56.5% responded no, that they believed “others [were] directing policy and agenda” matters on Biden’s behalf.

Continuing, Hannity said it was “obvious” that Biden’s cognitive abilities were in decline, so much so that “our enemies see it.” Following up on that concern, Hannity warned the hostile actors and regimes worldwide have been observing Biden’s behaviors and are “becoming more emboldened every day.”

There is a simple way to address this situation, provided the Biden administration is willing to meet the challenge. On June 17, Rep. Ronny Jackson (R-TX) and a group of 13 other Senators sent a letter to the president and White House health officials requesting he take a cognitive test. It seems a reasonable enough request under the circumstances. After all, former President Donald Trump took one and passed it with flying colors in July 2020.

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