Secret Service Asked About Protecting Trump at Mar-a-Lago (REPORT)

Secret Service Asked About Protecting Trump at Mar-A-Lago (REPORT)

( – Things appear to be moving quickly within the federal government as the country eagerly awaits the official 2020 presidential election results. Secret Service and New York Police Department officials are already working on contingency plans should Democratic hopeful Joe Biden win the election.

Although the Electoral College doesn’t meet to cast their votes until December 14, setting up new security operations and updating existing ones takes time. For that reason, the Secret Service is asking members of President Trump’s security detail if they’d be interested in transferring to his residence at his Mar-a-Lago resort.

Located in Palm Beach, Florida, Mar-a-Lago is expected to be Donald and Melania Trump’s residence for at least six months each year to maintain their residency status in the state. Simultaneously, police officials in New York City are planning on reducing their presence around Trump Tower, the president’s former residence and headquarters for his campaign.

Former presidents and first ladies receive Secret Service protection for life. President Trump declared Mar-a-Lago his official residence last year, making these new arrangements necessary regardless of the election’s outcome.

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