Secret Service Confirms Suspicious Substance Is Cocaine

( – The Secret Service confirmed for a second time on July 5th that the substance found in the West Wing of the White House three days prior was indeed cocaine. An initial field test upon discovery of the white powder showed it to be the drug, but the substance was then sent to a lab for further confirmation.

The discovery of the powder prompted a brief White House evacuation while Hazmat teams made sure the substance was not something more lethal.

In 2001, anthrax was mailed to a congressional office in Washington, D.C. Several news agencies in Florida and New York were also targeted in the attack. 5 people were killed after opening the envelopes and unintentionally inhaling the powder.

Officials first said the cocaine was found in the White House library, but later said it had been found in a West Wing cubby used by guests and employees. The holding area is used to store personal items like purses and cell phones.

Neither the Secret Service nor President Biden’s staff have said if the President’s son Hunter is under suspicion. His well-known history of addiction has been acknowledged by both the President and his son.

In his 2021 memoir, Beautiful Things, the younger Biden documents that his battle with substance abuse first began with him buying crack as an 18-year-old. Hunter Biden has not commented on the recent White House discovery.

A source familiar with the events said that the Secret Service is filtering logs from visitor check-ins and reviewing camera footage. Officials have not said if any entries from the President’s son would match the timeframe in which the cocaine was discovered.

The White House Press Secretary told reporters that the powder was found in a “heavily traveled” area.

The Secret Service has not revealed how much cocaine was found. Possession is considered a felony and jailable offense in many states, but the District of Columbia deems it a misdemeanor.

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