Senator Sinema Never Joining the GOP

( – Independent Arizona Senator Kyrsten Sinema may be unhappy with the Democratic party she left in December 2022, but she’s not going to join the other side, either.

Talking to CBS’s “Face the Nation” on May 7th, Sinema said, “You don’t go from one broken party to another” when asked if she would join the Republican Party. 

Sinema said party affiliation is something she wants to stay away from, even though she understands that clashing political opinions are necessary for lawmaking in a democracy. But partisan loyalty can get in the way of accomplishing political goals, she said.

The former Democrat has not said whether she will run for office again in 2024. 

When Sinema left the Democratic Party late in 2022, she registered as an Independent and told the media there was no room for differences of opinion on policy in the U.S.’s current political system. Both parties have become more extreme, she said, and legislators are abandoning the center for the extremes. Getting attention and “accolades” on social media platforms such as Twitter is what’s driving politicians, she said. 

Sinema has been making the media rounds on a number of issues recently. Speaking to a CBS News affiliate in Sedona, Arizona, last week, Sinema said, “We’re currently living in a climate where it’s okay to say things that aren’t true.”

The Senator sees public mistrust in the results of local and national elections as “election denialism,” and she says the media is largely responsible for it. She said Americans don’t actually know what is true and what isn’t because much of what the media presents as facts are actually just opinions.

When the reporter pushed Sinema on the allegations of stolen elections, citing recent gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake and Senate hopeful Blake Masters who have said there are questions about election processes, Sinema turned back to the two political parties.

She said both Democrats and Republicans are becoming more and more extreme. 

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