Shocking Epstein Passenger List Could Be Revealed Soon

Shocking Epstein Passenger List Could Be Revealed Soon

( – A day of reckoning for Jeffrey Epstein’s associates and co-conspirators appears likely in the wake of a recent court filing. Epstein was a known associate of wealthy elites like Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew, and others; shockwaves are said to be reverberating around the world.

Attorney General Denise George, the top prosecutor for the US Virgin Islands, subpoenaed more than 20 years of flight logs and other records for Epstein’s fleet of helicopters and airplanes. The subpoena appears to be related to a January 2020 lawsuit George filed against his estate seeking compensation for his victims.

Two of Epstein’s pilots already provided flight logs to investigators. However, AG George’s subpoena also demands detailed information regarding anyone who “interacted” with Epstein, any other passengers, and anyone who worked for either pilot.

An unidentified individual told The Mirror the documents already provided by the pilots are a “Post-It” note compared to the records the subpoena will reveal. Continuing, the source added, “there is panic” among many of the wealthy elite.

It’s been said that “justice delayed is justice denied.” With any luck, AG George receives the requested documents quickly, and Epstein’s victims will finally get their day in court.

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