Shots FIRED – Assassination Attempt Reported In Russia

Putin's Enemy Literally Dodged a Bullet

Putin’s Enemy Literally Dodged a Bullet

( – The head of a Russian human rights institution, Vladimir Osechkin, left the motherland in 2015 and moved to France. His organization,, focuses on exposing “corruption and torture in Russia and the post-Soviet space.” The activist claims to have found evidence of such abuses in the region’s prisons.

Last week, the investigator was in his Biarritz home when he noticed a red dot on the wall in his peripheral vision. Previous training taught him bullets would likely follow. He and his family turned off the lights immediately and hit the ground to avoid possible injury or death. Osechkin said there were gunshots after they ducked to safety.

The French resident was preparing his kids for a meal when terror struck. Luckily, nobody was hurt in the alleged attack.

As reported by Newsweek, Osechkin explained to an investigative journalist that he had been previously warned there might be an assassination attempt, and he needed to stay on the lookout. The human rights promoter made sure his family knew what to do should an incident occur, and the activist said his wife and children stayed hidden for a while after the shots rang out.

There is no word on an arrest or the perpetrator’s identity, but Osechkin said the man is linked to “Russia’s Federal Security Service and organized crime.” Authorities in France are investigating the ordeal in addition to previous threats the Kremlin has allegedly made on the man’s life.

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