Sleepy Joe Sure Spends a Lot of Time on Vacation

( – Behind President Biden’s glazed eyes, frequent falls, garbled statements, on-camera outbursts, and memorable early-morning campaign lids, it appears that the commander-in-chief prefers vacationing over working. Mainstream outlets have reported that the elderly commander-in-chief has spent more time relaxing than any President in American history.

Had the 80-year-old gone on his upcoming vacation to Lake Tahoe on the weekend of August 19th and 20th as planned, he would have been there for a six-day stay. By the end of the visit, the President would have spent more than an entire year of his Presidency on holiday.

His current vacation tally is only five days shy of one year. Biden’s trip to Lake Tahoe would have set his new total at 366, or one year and one day.

The aging President’s scheduled visit to Lake Tahoe was cut short after public outrage mounted following his reply of “no comment” to a reporter that asked for a statement on Maui’s once-in-a-century wildfires. Biden is still going, but won’t be there long enough to put his vacation total over the one-year mark.

Following apparent advice from the administration staff, the President announced that he and his wife would be traveling to Maui on August 26th to “meet with first responders” and the displaced.

In referencing the amount of time President Biden has spent on vacation, conservative commentator Mark Levin opined and pointed out that something “very dangerous” may be happening behind the curtain of the Biden Presidency. Levin said that the duties of the President are either being performed by someone “with stage 5 dementia” or a consortium of “radical leftists” are handling the President’s responsibilities for him “in the shadows.”

He said that no one in Biden’s cabinet or the mainstream media is troubled by either of these possibilities because the administration has been “getting the results” they have always been after.

40 percent of Joe Biden’s Presidency has been spent vacationing.

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